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    Advancement of technology is a reality of this ultra modern world and thus its outcome does not seem an unreal too.

    100% Uptime Cloud Server

    We have 10+ SMPP Backup Server and using TIER 4-Data Centre, Cloud Hosting Server so there is no chance to downtime in any situation.

    Genuine & Competitive Pricing

    We provide genuine bulk sms services and our pricing policy comes with Low price match guaranteed.


    7 Proven Benefits Of Bulk SMS Service For Your Business

    • 01. Targeted Reach & Quick Results
    • 02. High Readability, High ROI & High Conversion
    • 03. Cost-effective & affordable marketing
    • 04. Customized and Personalized Messaging
    • 05. Track Your Campaign Success Easily
    • 06. Amplify your existing marketing channels
    • 07. Easy To Start - No technical Knowledge required.

    Acquire 80% More Customers With Textiffy Bulk SMS Services.


    Capture Better & More Leads With Assured Delivery In 5 Seconds.


    Scale Your Business With Excellent Delivery Rate.

    Best-in-class delivery. Guaranteed.

    We are using the direct connectivity with Operators to provide you fast sms delivery to scale your business. Let's enjoy guaranteed delivery in 5 seconds.

    Enterprise-grade security with 128-bit data encryption and strict data privacy policies.

    Fantastic customer support for expert help with everything from simple tips to technical integrations.

    Clear, honest pricing with no hidden charges. Pay as you go. See our bulk SMS pricing.

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    Today, More than 60% of consumers think businesses should contact them via text messages more often.

    As per an online survey, more than 5 billion people are active mobile phone users, and there's hardly any chance that you'll find any customer of yours doing without a mobile phone.

    Today's time, there's no need to make you understand that mobile phones are the most prominent marketing & communication platforms to reach your potential customer. And Bulk SMS service is one of the most successful, effective, and quick ways to communicate with your customer.

    Almost 75% of customers are willing to receive SMS communications from companies if they are opt-in to get them. So there’s no reason to ignore it as a wise businessman.


    Track SMS campaign effectiveness

    Now the next big question arises, How to know that the campaign is going the right way or not? It is a must to know whether the money you are spending is getting used in the right direction or not.

    So here comes another benefit of Textiffy Service, which is the benefit of transparency & strategic planning.

    Yes, once the SMS campaign starts running, you can check all the insights on your campaign performance. You can get all the real-time data and detailed analytics graphs, the number of messages delivered, whether the customer has read it, the current status of the SMS, the geographical data, and much more from your Bulk SMS Service Provider.

    And, with the help of these data and analytics, you can plan the best working strategies for your SMS Campaigns. That'll help you achieve a high return on investment.