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    The Textiffy bulk SMS service and how it can benefit you

    Textiffy makes it possible to enhance your customer’s shopping experience. From order placing and tracking updates to complex marketing and feedback campaigns, Textiffy makes your interactions with the customer better.

    You can insert web URLs along with your bulk SMS marketing campaigns. What’s more, you get to measure the impact of your campaigns in real-time and optimize your SMS marketing strategy

    Everything you need to send better bulk SMS communications

    Send timely updates

    A delayed message can lead to bad customer experience or worse, a missed transaction! Ensure 2-factor authentication OTPs and transaction updates instantly reach your customers with our SMS gateway. Experience unmatched delivery rates and speeds with Textiffy.

    Increase conversions

    Set up automated reminders of abandoned cart purchases, on-stock notifications, and subscription payments by integrating SMS APIs. Textiffy powerful SMS capabilities can be integrated into any application in minutes with our comprehensive API documentation and sample code snippets.

    Create memorable SMS campaigns

    Easily create and send memorable promotional SMS campaigns that help you get top-of-mind recall. Textiffy makes the marketer’s job easy with media-rich texts, advanced personalization.

    Drive website traffic

    Promote new products and daily deal offers along with a link to your landing page and generate purchases. Get granular analytics like reports to measure your engagement rates and optimize your marketing strategy.

    Build a relationship

    Ask your customers to opt-in to receive sales or promotional offers by asking them to send an SMS to your inbox or by giving a simple missed call. Sit back and see your opt-in database grow.

    Get better feedback

    By the surveys link help you gather customer feedback about product quality, purchase and shipping experience in real-time with higher response rates.

    Attract users to mobile app

    With 98% read rates and 5x higher response rates than emails, discover how an SMS campaign delivers significantly better results for your app downloads.