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The Textiffy bulk SMS service and how it can benefit you

Be in touch with citizens and empower them by sending everything from payment reminders for taxation to important documents via a simple SMS using Textiffy services. Get the pulse of the nation by conducting spot polls.

Everything you need to send better bulk SMS communications

Cut the queues

End long queues in public offices by sending documents ranging from registration forms to enrollment documents via Textiffy SMS.

Mark the date

Improve productivity by saying goodbye to forgotten appointments and inadequate proof. Send reminder messages for appointments by integrating your application with Textiffy SMS APIs.

Drive public awareness

With 98% read-rates, SMS is an incredibly effective mobile marketing channel for citizen outreach. Accelerate public awareness initiatives with attractive media-rich SMS in regional languages on a wide range of programs in healthcare, education, Swachh Bharat, voter registrations and more!

Real-time internal communication

Keep your employees updated and engaged by sharing office guideline updates, emergency notifications, personnel changes, seasonal greetings, congratulatory texts and more via Textiffy SMS.

Say goodbye to call centers

Save on large outlays on call centers by sending important information quickly in a text message. Keep call operators for emergency services which need a human interface.

Easy pay, easy collections

Send users payment reminders for their taxes or utility bills along with a direct web link to pay via SMS. Cut out delays and overdue payments.